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by Swanoir
18 Sep 2020, 10:28
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Happy Birthday Jayviator (44)
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Re: Happy Birthday Jayviator (44)

Happy Birthday :thumbsup: :cheers:
by Swanoir
14 Sep 2020, 18:10
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Bye Bye Team Williams.
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Re: Bye Bye Team Williams.

Very sad. Saw a really good documentary about Williams a year or so ago. Can't remember which channel it was.
by Swanoir
07 Sep 2020, 17:32
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Unbelievable!!
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Re: Unbelievable!!

Surely a cat with a heartbeat could pilot a hot air balloon? :lol: (No offence to any balloon pilots who might read this :hide:
by Swanoir
18 Aug 2020, 13:00
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Happy Birthday TSR2 (?)
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Re: Happy Birthday TSR2 (?)

Happy birthday Ben, have a great day :thumbsup: :cheers:
by Swanoir
13 Aug 2020, 15:47
Forum: CBFS Forum
Topic: Login Query
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Login Query

Hello Lads, I've got a bit of an awkward problem with my login, who is it best to PM? Many thanks :thumbsup:
by Swanoir
21 Jul 2020, 12:17
Forum: CBFS Forum
Topic: Imagine my surprise...
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Re: Imagine my surprise...

Coincidentally, I saw the very same aircraft when I had a brief visit to Weymouth a couple of weeks ago! It had indeed just taken off from Portland. I grew up in Weymouth but moved away over twenty years ago. I remember the Sea Kings were a constant presence overhead, so much so that you stopped pay...
by Swanoir
19 Jul 2020, 16:06
Forum: Gallery
Topic: Courchevel
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Re: Courchevel

'A' for effort Nigel :lol: :thumbsup:
by Swanoir
14 Apr 2020, 15:34
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Happy Birthday adysmith
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Re: Happy Birthday adysmith

Happy birthday :cheers: