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by adysmith
05 Aug 2022, 08:41
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Vertical Landing
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Re: Vertical Landing

Far too many "pilots" are deploying the ballistic recovery parachute for extremely minor events. I can't see anything wrong with the aeroplane other than the engine isn't running, that is NOT a situation which needs deployment of the parachute. Insurance premiums on light aircraft are goin...
by adysmith
01 Jul 2022, 08:33
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: This is the last time I................
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Re: This is the last time I................

They are, indeed, just clickbait.

Sensationalist headline to get you to read the article, which 80% adverts, 10% utter crap and maybe 10% relevant.

You cannot get fined simply for taking one hand off the steering wheel. Simples.
by adysmith
24 Jun 2022, 08:25
Forum: The Virtual Spanner
Topic: FSA site down?
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FSA site down?

Anybody know what's happening at FSA?

Site appears to have been down for several days now.
by adysmith
19 May 2022, 17:32
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: This brings a new meaning to...............
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Re: This brings a new meaning to...............

The time lag between his input and the machines reaction must be horrendous.
by adysmith
16 May 2022, 08:28
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: WHY?
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Re: WHY?

As someone once said, the right to bear arms is only slightly less ridiculous than the right to arm bears.

Unfortunately the National Rifle Association in the USA is so strong no politician will dare to oppose them.
by adysmith
04 May 2022, 21:49
Forum: Gallery
Topic: Over...
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An Andover, from Hannover to Andover, over Dover :lol:
by adysmith
15 Apr 2022, 10:36
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Happy Birthday adysmith
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Re: Happy Birthday adysmith

Thank you everybody, finally retired (since feb 21) so now a gentleman of leisure.

Still RW flying, you don't stop flying when you get old, you get old when you stop flying.
by adysmith
31 Mar 2022, 08:43
Forum: Payware Heads Up!!
Topic: DC Designs' Concorde released
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Re: DC Designs' Concorde released

fully functional Flight Management Computer
Well there's realism for you - NOT.
by adysmith
21 Mar 2022, 19:35
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Emergency....
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Re: Emergency....

In addition to all the above, did you realise we are all getting taller?

This must be the case because every day it gets harder to reach your feet to put your socks on.
by adysmith
19 Mar 2022, 08:47
Forum: Gallery
Topic: Return of the Mac.
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Re: Return of the Mac.

If you want max range go slightly LEAN of peak EGT.

At least in reality that is what to do, not sure how MSFS would handle it.