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by Rich
13 Mar 2013, 00:56
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Naval version is my choice and very nice it is, the only bugbear is the prop in FSX, a cloud chopper which will I probably be the same on the RAF version. Not a big deal but it is there, I am no expert but my thoughts are that it is in the model rather than the textures, just a observation not a big...
by Rich
14 Feb 2013, 05:45
Forum: The Virtual Spanner
Topic: Facebook removal
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Facebook removal

Hopefully there will be someone here who has done it or knows of a way to do it without messing up my comp. I was talked into a facebook account 2 weeks ago when I was released from nearly a month in hospital, it was well intentioned and I was mentally to weak to resist. Any help much appreciated fr...
by Rich
10 Nov 2012, 01:21
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Topic: Our Next Project
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Re: Our Next Project

I have a piston Provost done by Dev 1 check Britsim it is Fs9 but works in FSX .
Works for me.

Provost T1 V2.0

Keith Paine V2.0 11 Sept 2011.

Been hoping the Sea Balliol would appear for some time

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by Rich
27 Oct 2012, 11:05
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Topic: DM VC10
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Re: DM VC10

Left behind at St Athan when the last RAF VC10 flew out ????

by Rich
27 Oct 2012, 11:01
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Topic: BUA VC10
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Re: BUA VC10

Heathrow to Khormaksar on I think the first BUA VC10 in 1966, one of the ex pats here is ex RAF and when discharged worked on the BUA aircraft in and out of Aden, seems the VC 10 's were hangered ASP after landing to thaw the fuel tanks to get the water collected at high Alt ????
by Rich
23 Oct 2012, 02:09
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Topic: Bac 1-11 APU problem
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Re: Bac 1-11 APU problem (UNSOLVED)

Has the title of this post been changed ???

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by Rich
16 Oct 2012, 08:31
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Topic: A nice little Vulcan "What If" story
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Re: A nice little Vulcan "What If" story

In April 1962 we formed 22 Recce Flight in Wolfenbutel then on the East / West German Borders we had 3 x Saro Skeeters, maybe we played a part since there were no Vulcans anywhere near us.

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by Rich
12 Oct 2012, 10:54
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Topic: Miss Demeanours Base
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Re: Miss Demeanours Base

I wasted a good bit of time trying to download it purely out of interest as I was born within a mile of the west end of the runway and can remember it being extended. I could not download it, but the Mrs being a real live professor did crack it, a - missing and a _ that should have been - Like Dave ...
by Rich
03 Oct 2012, 08:42
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Topic: Not good news
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Re: Not good news

Not good news but at least they have been found, RIP.
by Rich
02 Oct 2012, 01:39
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Topic: Missing Lancaster crew identified by W/OP's signet ring
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Re: Missing Lancaster crew identified by W/OP's signet ring

Battle Dress jacket maybe but I would have thought certainly not on a jumper/jersey, did'nt aircrew use the white turtle neck pullie as per RN ??? or am I being my usual dim self ???