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by Callum
20 Mar 2010, 21:59
Forum: Payware Heads Up!!
Topic: Alphasim Islander...
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Re: Alphasim Islander...

Anyone able to do G-CHEZ when it comes out? B-)
by Callum
19 Jul 2009, 21:33
Forum: CBFS Forum
Topic: VC10: coupling the Declo INS 1.51 to the panel.
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VC10: coupling the Declo INS 1.51 to the panel.

Hi folks, I have just flown from Blackpool down to Newquay but struggled to get the INS to 'attach' to the panel. I have the latest version of everything, but when I turned the INS button on the top right "on" it seems to want to automatically put it into GPS mode and wont follow the track in the IN...
by Callum
10 Aug 2007, 22:58
Forum: CBFS Forum
Topic: We're here!!!!!
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Re: We're here!!!!!

I'm impressed! I told you you'd like phpBB3, Ben. :welldone: :partyman:
by Callum
28 Jul 2007, 15:01
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Anyone interested in sailing?
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Anyone interested in sailing?

Hello folks, This is an idea I've been toying with for a while (and I've tried it before, but on a free hosting package) but I'm interested in starting up a dedicated dinghy sailing forum (instead of a full blown watersports board!). There are a few crude boards about, but I don't find them very "co...
by Callum
25 Jun 2007, 18:37
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Caption Contest...
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"Pro aerobatic champ demonstrates a forward roll"

by Callum
25 May 2007, 20:26
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Very new old boy
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Filonian wrote:Welcome Auster.

You will find the inhabitants very friendly and well informed.

Most of the time (i'm a bit rubbish with my British aviation history, i'm a Boeing age boy :tuttut: ) :lol: Welcome from my side too!
by Callum
25 May 2007, 20:22
Forum: Gallery
Topic: A few classics. and one not so classic.
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Great day, great shots! I didn't think that 747s were allowed at Liverpool anymore after one tore up most of the runway edges.
by Callum
17 Apr 2007, 23:32
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Ark Royal sailed
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What boat were you on? If it's civilian and it's yours, you must be "effing loaded" :redface: :shock:
by Callum
13 Apr 2007, 21:30
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Timewatch - 2100H/Friday 13th Apr - BBC2
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Me too. I laughed my head off when one of the hostages said that when the captain gave a statement, "he looked like a chap who'd been interrupted mowing the lawn". Hahaha!