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by Tako_Kichi
26 Oct 2007, 16:52
Forum: CNB Forum
Topic: For the mods: Is the Pilatus PC-7 considered a "classic"?
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Re: For the mods: Is the Pilatus PC-7 considered a "classic"?

I have it too and it inspired me to attempt my first ever repaint :o . I spent 12 hours on it yesterday and I have most of it done, just the little bits and bobs and text to do now. :welldone: It's looking pretty slick and I very pleased with my first attempt at repainting. I will post a pic or two ...
by Tako_Kichi
23 Oct 2007, 23:54
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Online photo album recommendations please.
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Re: Online photo album recommendations please.

I use Dropshots to host all my photos for linking into forums. It will allow you to set up albums and add captions if required.
by Tako_Kichi
22 Oct 2007, 04:59
Forum: Developers Corner
Topic: Return of the Welkin
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Re: Return of the Welkin

Very nice! Well done! :dancer: I must show my ignorance of this mark now by admitting I had never heard of it before and had to go Googling images and text info. I had of course heard of the Whirlwind but never the Welkin. It certainly seems like a very interesting aircraft built for a specific role...
by Tako_Kichi
19 Oct 2007, 20:19
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: The ideal CB flypast?
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Re: The ideal CB flypast?

What about a FAA flight too (that's Fleet Air Arm not that yankee outfit! :lol: ) coupled with Coastal Command.

You could have Vampires, Vixens, Venoms, Buccs, Sea Hawks etc. and for the heavier side a Shack, Nimrod and Sunderland!
by Tako_Kichi
18 Oct 2007, 18:34
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: XH558 First Flight . . . . . Today!!!
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Re: XH558 First Flight . . . . . Today!!!

A truly wonderful achievement, congrats to all concerned. :welldone:
by Tako_Kichi
17 Oct 2007, 23:20
Forum: CBFS Forum
Topic: RAF Gaydon...
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Re: RAF Gaydon...

Yeah I remember a toy shop like that from my youth too. They had a big display in the window and three pushbuttons on the window ledge outside so that you could run one of the three active tracks. There always seemed to be a greasy smear across the window at kiddie nose height too for some reason! :...
by Tako_Kichi
17 Oct 2007, 02:09
Forum: CBFS Forum
Topic: Growler (Shack) Mk 2
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Re: Growler (Shack) Mk 2

Anyone know if this is correct: Decision Height Warning Lights - Green (Above) Orange(At or Near) Red (Under) Thinking about other British military AC with warning lights that I have in my hangar that sounds right to me. They look something like this .... V O ^ ...or as near as I can get with text....
by Tako_Kichi
16 Oct 2007, 18:50
Forum: Gallery
Topic: RAF Fylingdales and its cliche
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Re: RAF Fylingdales and its cliche

No Golfballs indeed. They were dismantled several years ago....probably more than 10 years, and replaced with the current set up. So that's why I couldn't find them on Google Earth the other day when I was trying to show them to my Canadian wife! I guess you lose touch with some things when you are...
by Tako_Kichi
16 Oct 2007, 18:25
Forum: The Virtual Spanner
Topic: Self installers?
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Re: Self installers?

I guess I am firmly in the 'don't like self installers' camp for the reasons others have stated (it's sometimes a pain to get rid of AC if you decide you no longer want them in the game). :-( However, there are a lot of FS9/X owners out there who haven't a clue when it comes to adding AC and they ce...
by Tako_Kichi
15 Oct 2007, 03:55
Forum: CBFS Forum
Topic: Brabazon released on avsim etc.
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Re: Brabazon released on avsim etc.

In the near future I have the Short Singapore 1 ready - the prototype of a long series of flying boats from Short, including the Calcutta, Kent and Singapore II/III. Does that long series include the Sunderland perchance? :worried: :prayer: I have been searching long and hard for a late model FS200...