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by Tomliner
26 Mar 2007, 22:25
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: A380 into NEMA (EGNX) tomorrow?
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As I was not working today I decided to go to EGNX (only about 18 miles) to chance my luck on seeing it.Things were pretty busy around there,but found a good spot alongside a guy shooting video for RR.Had the airband radio with me so we knew what was happening.Airbus 401(callsign) took up a hold at ...
by Tomliner
25 Mar 2007, 19:45
Forum: CBFS Forum
Topic: BAC1-11 Pressurisation Procedure
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Hi Indigoed
Also check that if you are using the ED version,I think the switch to which Leif refers is on the OH panel and operates in the opposite direction(like several other switches on the ED version).ATB EricT
by Tomliner
23 Mar 2007, 20:41
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Ouch
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They could have played him some soothing music whilst trying to extricate him-maybe something like the Nutcracker Suite! Oh well,please yourselves.ATB EricT
by Tomliner
15 Mar 2007, 10:44
Forum: Payware Heads Up!!
Topic: BIG Discount on FSX!!
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BIG Discount on FSX!!

Just had a look at the website for Game,they are offering FSX standard version at a huge discount of ------wait for it-- 1p.Now that should tempt anyone who is undecided whether to take the plunge or not.ATB EricT
by Tomliner
10 Mar 2007, 22:07
Forum: Payware Heads Up!!
Topic: that add-on we slated. J41
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Sorry guys.Misread the link as Floosyforum.Not quite what I expected.!Truth is I've reached the age where I know I like women but can't remember why!.EricT
by Tomliner
10 Mar 2007, 22:01
Forum: Payware Heads Up!!
Topic: Level D B767 Query
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Hi Mgchristy
Just to let you know that I did buy the LevelD 767 and the AOA DVD and am now enjoying many happy hours of mental stimulation in the learning curve.As you will know ,prior knowledge of the PMDG 737 is an advantage.ATB EricT
by Tomliner
07 Mar 2007, 22:22
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: The dogs ten commandments....
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I just love that Dan.We had a dog many years ago who we loved dearly.I would suggest that much of your post would also apply to a family cat.We have one who is now 15,so very affectionate and whose passing we dread.TBH I think I think I prefer most animals to many people.They have no pre-conceived a...
by Tomliner
23 Feb 2007, 21:23
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: Things you would never know without the movies
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And whenever someone tries to escape a situation by running to their car,it will always be a pig to start even though it has always started instantaneously previously.It absolutely pi%%es me off and makes me reach for the off switch.EricT
by Tomliner
14 Feb 2007, 19:26
Forum: Escorts and Stewards
Topic: My Back Garden
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My Back Garden

I used to love the view of Shelford and the Trent valley when flying in Chippies with the ATC many many years ago from RAF Newton .Seem to remember the grass runway (30) I think gave the best views.ATB EricT
by Tomliner
11 Feb 2007, 14:36
Forum: Payware Heads Up!!
Topic: Ready for Pushback boeing 747-200
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Ready for Pushback Boeing 747-200

It may be cold comfort but I seem to recall reading a review of this in PC Pilot some time ago when it was reported as being a very procedural sim and I seem to remember the issue of engine starts being mentioned.I will try to find the copy.TBH I almost bought it myself recently in the January sales...