Farewell to a friend and an era

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Brian Franklin
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Re: Farewell to a friend and an era

Post by Brian Franklin »

Basically a 10 man crew is expensive, well that and some master strokes like the Navy saying We can ptotect Trident, the Herc world saying We can do SAR and the Tornado saying We can do all anti shipping. So in a nutshell whats left for Nimrod to do?

Basically all of the above. Recent SAR events where the controlling Herc had to be updated by the chopper every ten minutes as to it's position as the Herc couldn't tell that with it's systems. Madness!
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Re: Farewell to a friend and an era

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Nice Little Video.

Its a shame about the Iron Bird, I hope the government is right in its judgement to scrap her, and hope that no lives at sea are lost as a result.

Unfortunately, this wont be the last cut thats to be made to our forces.
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Re: Farewell to a friend and an era

Post by ChrisHunt »

Sorry to drag on the off topic subject of Nimrod the music but given the time of year... probably the most moving place to hear Nimrod performed (and at an unsurprisingly slow tempo) is during the rememberance sunday parade in Whitehall. I had a grandstand view from a balcony of the old Foreign Office for 3 occaisions and it never failed to bring a lump to my throat.

Vintage Pair
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Re: Farewell to a friend and an era

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I would have kept them tbh. They were almost ready for service and the 900mill or whatever is a SUNK COST. What a waste of money and effort for NOTHING.
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