Miles Marathon

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Miles Marathon

Post by tekman »

Here are the shots of my Marathon (work in progress) as promised.First off many thanks to Derek Palmer for hosting these for me and secondly I have a request.
Tis a long shot but would anyone be able to supply a reasonable picture of G-ALUB in BEA colours please as the one I have is extremely fuzzy and as you can see I still have a way to go on the scheme.

Cheers Tek : :wink:




Post by andy »

tekman, your images aren't displaying.
You need to remove the ......... [/img from each of the image addresses.
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Post by DaveG »

Yep, to display a pic you need it like this:

Code: Select all

Nice looking aircraft :thumbsup:
Dave G.
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Post by Vixus »

Doesn't look half bad, looks almost complete exterior-wise.
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Post by DispatchDragon »

Nice job Tek

What are you doing about the FDE?? Plus I saw your request
for panel permission :wink: Looking forward to having this one
its been a long time awaiting - Plus you'll probably get some painting
asisstance from Mr Russell and the Military lads

Theres also a Japanese one that we found photos of while working
on the 748 paint schemes


Post by Avant-Garde-Aclue »

WOW! I like it :smile:

Garry Russell
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Post by Garry Russell »

Hi Tek

Certainly comming on as regards the shape of it.

Nice gap filled there



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Post by TobyV »

Very nice, looking forward to this :smile:
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Post by TSR2 »

What a little jem! Lovely work. i hope you don't mind but I edited your post so as the images displayed properly.

Brilliant stuff... now all we need is the old Woodley Airfield recreated!

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Post by tekman »

Ok, yep I stuffed up yet again LOL.
Derek, sorry I' don't seem to be able to get it right do I?
I thought I'd removed img part but obviously I didn't (gave myself a good slapping for that).

So apologies to those of you who tried to view before it was kindly corrected.

Just for the record it is virtually finished model wise but like I said the paint job well.. that I am

having issue with. Going back to an earlier post re: flaps I haven't got axis rotation set correctly

yet but am working on it. Interior for this ver is complete with a few bits of fine tuning.

Poss help with painting would certainly speed up this release but I've got the Mamba model to

finish off also. Might release this at the same time and Woodley I was hoping to include in

package, but I haven't done any airfield modelling and am unlikely to do so. Had a word with a

chap in NI who seems interested but isn't modelling at the moment.
Thanks to all those who have helped me realise this and to all who have posted with there kind

It is my first model though I seriously don't mean to labour that point so please don't expect the

same high standard the top guys produce but hopefully that will come in time.

Tek :smile:

ps Leif, you asked about the FDE. I'll tell you I've worked pretty hard on this and so far so good,

a couple of small annoyances such as not getting the rpm set absolute and don't know how to

set the engine startup smoke in the correct places. I'm getting pretty familiar with all this

editing though there is still much to learn.

Incidentally I got a couple of small low res pics of ANA marathon but check it out there are very few images about online.
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