Are Payware Aircraft Becoming too Expensive?

If you have a payware prog whether it be a model, scenery or utility that you have tried.. tell us about it here.

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Nigel H-J
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Are Payware Aircraft Becoming too Expensive?

Post by Nigel H-J » 03 Jan 2019, 13:43

From an X Plane Newsletter received a few days ago the Boeing 767 Professional Extended has been released but the cost to your wallet/credit card is $92 converted to Sterling that equates to £73.26. ... p_895.html

OK, so you may say 'look at what you get and the time spent developing it' but take away the Extended and go for the 767-300 ER Professional which is by the same company and it will cost you $72 equals £57.32 Sterling. ... p_444.html

It is that these prices that sadly keep me away from making any purchases above £40 due to being retired but just wonder how many of you are of the same opinion as me.

When Just Flight released the VC10 to me the price was affordable as is the Vulcan (but will wait until I get P3d) but anything over and you have to ask the question.....Do I really want to pay that amount? :dunno: and what if after using it you don't particularly like it after all.......A lot of money wasted? :'(

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Chris Trott
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Re: Are Payware Aircraft Becoming too Expensive?

Post by Chris Trott » 03 Jan 2019, 20:46

$100+ for a full study-level sim has been the norm for years unfortunately. However, the vast majority of payware aircraft are still being released sub-$60 and many sub-$40. However, the Navigraph survey, for all its issues, did have a lot of consensus that people don't spend much on a per-year basis on software (average was $200/year). As such, I think any developer who was paying attention saw that price is still a major issue. If you want someone to spend $100 on your product, it better be spectacular because you're asking the average user to shell out half of his annual spending on it. So, I don't see prices going significantly higher than they are because I don't see any systems being significantly more in-depth than they are now.

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Re: Are Payware Aircraft Becoming too Expensive?

Post by alemaobaiano » 04 Jan 2019, 11:25

I'm not sure prices have gone up that much in recent years, IIRC I paid $80 for the PMDG MD-11 for FSX some time ago and any study level sim seems to be around that level today.

Justflight occupy an interesting niche, their models are sometimes poor, sometimes excellent, but at a price point that justifies a certain risk. I bought a lot of JF stuff in my FSX days, often in the sales, and some never stayed on my drive after the first flight. Others provided me with hours of fun without over-complication, but whenever I wanted a more complete experience I went with my PMDG or iFly products.

I bought the 767 Pro during one of the stores sales, and then only had to pay the upgrade price for the Extended version. Most of the other payware that I have for XP11 was bought the same way, so while I might think that the price is justified I'm not that desperate to have it that I can't wait for a sale.

Like Chris I can't see study level sim prices going much higher, there are only a limited number of simmers who want that level of complication, and the top level stuff today is all pretty equal. What could anyone bring to the table that the others don't offer?

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Re: Are Payware Aircraft Becoming too Expensive?

Post by Swanoir » 04 Jan 2019, 20:17

To paraphrase myself in previous threads, I'd be far happier to spend more on a brand new addon if the older, nearly obsolete ones were much cheaper! Some of the stuff that's still out there at full price beggars belief... 8)

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