Oh Boy, This Will Blow Your Mind!!

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Re: Oh Boy, This Will Blow Your Mind!!

Post by Filonian » 22 Nov 2019, 16:17

Buggyman wrote:
25 Oct 2019, 09:22
Fantastic but what sort of PC will we need to get anywhere near this level of detail?

No matter what, I want one, sell the house, car, dog, wife - no hold that - keep the dog. :poke:


Sound choice Allan.

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Re: Oh Boy, This Will Blow Your Mind!!

Post by TSR2 » 22 Nov 2019, 17:40

When you think this is designed to run on an xBox as well as PC’s the specs can’t be that high. The video last week was captured from an Xbox One X which is a lot less powerful than my pc.


Nigel H-J
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Re: Oh Boy, This Will Blow Your Mind!!

Post by Nigel H-J » 27 Nov 2019, 16:46

Here is an interesting video update, one thing I did not know but you may already know that this simulator is being developed for Microsoft by Asobo Studio!! Nonetheless, I found this video extremely good and informative.


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