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If you have a payware prog whether it be a model, scenery or utility that you have tried.. tell us about it here.

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Re: Orbx Sale

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Aharon the only problem I have with orbx scenery is once you start buying it, its hard to stop until after you have spent more money that you really wanted. I started with orbx global and vector and they are a huge improvement over the base scenery, and they have lots of freeware airports you can add. But over the last few years I have over 30 regions and airports I have added, almost all when they were on sale and I do enjoy them, but I did go a bit overboard.

If your able to spend the money, I recommend you get orbx global, at lest then the colors of the airport won't seam off to the rest of the world. Vector is also very much worth it. Once you have crossed the line, it may be hard to stop.
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Re: Orbx Sale

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Vector? I find it more trouble than it is worth. Causes many elevation problems that it cannot fix. I removed it from my sim.

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Re: Orbx Sale

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Blanston12 and Vancouver,

Thanks to both of you for your interesting insights.



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