Horizon Simulations back up and running??

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Horizon Simulations back up and running??

Post by davem »

Afternoon all,

While looking for something unrelated, I stumbled across https://www.horizonsimulation.com/ and from that site it looks as though they have been back in business for a while (or at least taken back control from the bygone days of Playsims).

Hope this helps someone, somewhere!


Nigel H-J
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Re: Horizon Simulations back up and running??

Post by Nigel H-J »

:-O Have you seen the prices for England Scotland and Wales? Totalling £240 ex VAT coming to a whacking £288 whereas all 3 areas from Orbx is only £91.86 including VAT!!

As good as it looks from Horizon Simulations I really think that they are asking far too much money.

For the high definition aerial photography and terrain data the licensing fees would not be cheap (ask Orbx) but I for one, would not even consider buying at those prices.

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Charlie Bravo
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Re: Horizon Simulations back up and running??

Post by Charlie Bravo »

You'd have to be mad to buy that!
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