Just Flight VC10 for X-Plane

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Charlie Bravo
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Just Flight VC10 for X-Plane

Post by Charlie Bravo »

Nigel, you'd better prepare Babs!

I didn't see this one coming but here it is.... https://www.thresholdx.net/news/jfvc10
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Re: Just Flight VC10 for X-Plane

Post by chrispbits »

Thanks for the heads up Chris. Apparently JF intend to bring all their airliners over to XP.

Nigel H-J
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Re: Just Flight VC10 for X-Plane

Post by Nigel H-J »

Hi Chris, many thanks also for the HU but did know that Just Flight were bringing the VC10 to X-Plane 11.

I did purchase the FSX version and it was excellent, so why the past tense? After using X-Plane found that FSX was way behind in everything and that just about ruined my enjoyment of flying the VC10 as good as it is.

When released for X Plane I will certainly purchase it and think that overall, the flight deck is going to be so much better in X-Plane than in FSX not to mention the flight characteristics.

Wonder if they are using the same Beta Testing Team as they originally did prior to the first release? Why I ask is that X-Plane recently updated the aerodynamics of the platform and wonder whether Just Flight are taking this into account before releasing it to us?

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