Head Tracker for your smart phone...

If you have a payware prog whether it be a model, scenery or utility that you have tried.. tell us about it here.

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Re: Head Tracker for your smart phone...

Post by Airspeed »

blanston12 wrote: 16 Sep 2020, 00:01 Does anyone know if the app you run on your PC can read from the built in laptop camera or a webcam plugged into the computer?
Hi Joe,
These are the input sources from the menu:
The download was very straightforward for me. Give it a go, and if it doesn't work, uninstall it. :cpu:
As I said above, my phone isn't compatible. I don't have a web cam.
Good luck.
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Re: Head Tracker for your smart phone...

Post by JohnWillimas »

I looked at the documentation for OpenTrack and it lists these as accepted inputs...

- PointTracker by Patrick Ruoff, freetrack-like light sources
- Oculus Rift DK1, DK2, CV, and legacy/knockoff versions (Windows only)
- Paper [marker support](https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack/ ... co-tracker)
via the ArUco library <<https://github.com/opentrack/aruco>>
- Razer Hydra
- Relaying via UDP from a different computer
- Relaying UDP via FreePIE-specific Android app
- Joystick analog axes (Windows)
- Windows Phone [tracker](https://github.com/ZanderAdam/OpenTrack ... Phone/wiki) over opentrack UDP protocol
- Arduino with custom firmware
- Intel RealSense 3D cameras (Windows)
- BBC micro:bit, LEGO, sensortag support via Smalltalk<sup>[(1)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smalltalk)[(2)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Kay)</sup>
[S2Bot](http://www.picaxe.com/Teaching/Other-So ... lper-Apps/)
- Wiimote (Windows)

Best is probably to try it 'cos its free.
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Re: Head Tracker for your smart phone...

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It looks like, to have it work as intended, your camera needs to be capable of understanding of a 3d image. Smooth track is using the elements from Google ARcore app, which, if your phone is not "supported" won't let you download from Google play (Google have a list of supported devices on their AR site) My phones not on the list so I was unable to download Smooth track I did find a couple of other utilities that connected with Open track, but it only worked using the phones gyro
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