My Best video to date...

If you have a payware prog whether it be a model, scenery or utility that you have tried.. tell us about it here.

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Re: My Best video to date...

Post by Vc Ten »

I think there's some confusion here :S
Peter is flying the "X" cub in Msfs 2020 It has a different file structure to FSX. However in the Systems.cfg file for the model, it shows pitot heat available =1
As Peters found out there is no operable switch in the cockpit. I cant find one either
There may be a keyboard key mapped to the pitot, I can check tomorrow.
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Re: My Best video to date...

Post by Myles »

According to a keyboard map I found not long after MSFS came out, pitot heat is mapped to 'Shift H' by default. Won't help with the windscreen though!
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Re: My Best video to date...

Post by petermcleland »

Thanks Myles...Noted that. With regard to the windscreen there is a large button on the right side of the panel that you can pull to open a hot air vent to the cabin and it may well keep the Screen clear but I don’t think that will help with the leading edges!
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