Itching for an RAF trainer - either Hawk T1 or JP T.4 for P3DV4.5

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Itching for an RAF trainer - either Hawk T1 or JP T.4 for P3DV4.5

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Hello lads and lasses,

Now that I'm in P3DV4.5, I'm missing some good RAF intermediate jet lead-in (or similar) trainer options. Thankfully, the lovely Garwood Hunter T7 works fine in this sim, and as far as I know, the equally lovely-looking Hawk T2 is a ways away. That one excites me, as I got much enjoyment from the early FS9/FSX Ricl Piper Hawk, and his JP T.5 from the good old FS9 days.

So for based on what's available for the periods of say, mid 80s to present, my choices boil down to the payware JP T.4 or the JF Hawk T1. The latter had a demo, but it's not downloadable off their site for some reason.

Am leaning to the JP T4, as it would pair nicely with the JYAI JP AI models and the associated Welsh airfields packages available from MAIW. I'm concerned about the FPS on the T1, based on what I recall hearing of their Tornado. I hear it's not as bad, but again, not a lot of clear reviews, and more anecdotal heresay.

So any suggestions on these or other options for RAF jet trainers of the modern(ish) period?


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