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Nigel H-J
Red Arrows
Red Arrows
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Post by Nigel H-J »

came across this site then found out it is only for MS2020 :(( Oh well, think you guys might already be aware of this free-ware site but if not here is the link.

EGGP approach including Mersey Gateway, granted they may not be of pay-ware standard but certainly will fill in the small aerodromes until later ... ey-gateway

Spurn Point:

Eglinton Airport Ireland: EGAE Eglinton 2021

Denham Airfield:

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Vc Ten
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Post by Vc Ten »

Thanks for the heads up Nigel :thumbsup:
The UK update for msfs the other day, gave us quite a credible Liverpool Airport. These assets to the area, and the Spurn head addon are a welcome addition
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Brian Franklin
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Post by Brian Franklin »

Try this one too - Old Widnes - Runcorn bridges ... ey-england
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