DC-6B - Legends of Flight touchdown sound advice

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Re: DC-6B - Legends of Flight touchdown sound advice

Post by Nigel H-J »

Dave, many thanks for the link to Gary's DC6 soundset and also where you purchased the Accu-Sim software, you have been a great help.

GaryJ - Your DC6 soundset Dave put a link to is nothing short of brilliant!! :thumbsup:
Dave... Calclassic never wanted my originals which i thought sounded more like a DC6 than any others available at the time.
Cannot understand why they did not want it, as soon as I managed to get your soundset I did a quick flight in the DC6 to try it out, that quick flight took over an hour!! :lol: as I ended up doing a number of rollers just to listen to the rumble of the tyres on the tarmac and also the throb of the engines as I cruised along was brilliant so Gary, a big thumbs up from me for bringing the DC6 sound to a more realistic level.!! :thumbsup:

Kind regards
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Re: DC-6B - Legends of Flight touchdown sound advice

Post by DaveB »

Glad you're a happy bunny Nige :thumbsup:

DaveB B)smk
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