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FSAirlines beta

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Hi Guys,

Please check out the main page of FlyNET where the announcement has been made regarding FSAirlines Beta. We would like CBFS pilots to try and break this new client by testing it to destruction. Test flights flown with this client/FSAirlines do not have any affect on your account on FlyNET. The scheduled date for transition to FSAirlines is 19th September so this is our chance to make sure it works correctly. Please note, if you joined FlyNET after 1st May you will have to open a new account at FSAirlines and apply to join the CBFS VA. This is because the FlyNET database was copied acrosss on that date for test purposes.

If you were a FlyNET/CBFS pilot prior to 1st May your account is active at FSA. Log in with you current username/pw. If you joined FlyNET after 1st May create new account at FSA with your FlyNET username/PW and apply to join CBFS VA. The fleet/routes are as per 1st May. If you want any TR's ask for them - no training flights needed. Try and operate as many flights as possible, however short, use time compression to get more flights in. Test the client detects penalties etc etc etc - basically, try and find all it's faults!

I shall start another thread entitled FSAirlines Beta Bugs, please post any problems encountered there.



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