Server Test at FSA - Volunteers needed

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Server Test at FSA - Volunteers needed

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Hi Guys,

FSA are looking for volunteers to do a server test:-
joefremont at FSAirlines wrote:As most of you already know our current server is overloaded and we need to expand to a new one. We have setup a test of a different server using a machine I have borrowed from the company I work for. We want to run a test to see if it and the data line its connected to will meet our needs. If this test is successful we will purchase a more powerful machine and upgrade the data line from a residential account to a commercial account.

So to do this test we need about 12 volunteers to do flights on the test server on this Friday, July 31st, between 6pm UTC and 8pm UTC (Starts 8pm Munich, 7pm London, 11am San Francisco). Respond to this thread if you want to take part. We will e-mail all participants the URL to the test site shortly before we start. We will try to find a way so that you will all get credit for your flight hours.
If you feel you are able to help please post in this thread at FSAirlines.



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