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Chris Trott
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Vintage Pair
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Quick Note

Post by Chris Trott »

Just to let you guys know I've resigned as the Database Admin for FSAirlines. After this last weekend, I just got fed up with the lack of communication from the Developers to me and the users. Konrad "fixed" the problem, but didn't refund anyone for cancellations that occurred during the down period and never responded to several e-mails and staff forum posts that I made on the issue and others. As such, I'm not sure they're really into maintaining the system and can't continue to support the network as an admin that I don't have a clear signal of where it's going. I'm hoping this serves as a wakeup call for the Developers, but in the meantime, I'm going to continue flying for VHA and be around, just not able to make changes.

See you guys in the air!

The Ministry
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Re: Quick Note

Post by DaveB »

That's a shame Chris. I'm not so involved these days but I always found I could rely on you to remedy any issue and in good time. Fingers crossed they snap out of whatever it is they're in and you can return to your post :thumbsup:

DaveB B)smk
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Garry Russell
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Re: Quick Note

Post by Garry Russell »

Sorry about this Chris

But when it gets like this you don't need it and they don't deserve you....

At least you are still around and can probably still explain why even if there is nothing you can do

Thanks for what you have done :thumbsup:


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