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Post by adysmith »

I can barely begin to describe the passion with which I HATE, nae DETEST, FSAirlines.

First we have its "jobsworth" imposed 250 KIAS below FL100, which for Concorde is seriously close to losing control speed.
Then its ridiculous insistence on landing lights.

Now, FSX had a senior moment part way across the atlantic and ceased responding for a minute or so.
FSAirlines states connection to FS lost, flight terminated!

After two hours airborne and now there is no way I can fly the flight within 24 hours of booking it so there is another "fine"

Teddy is teetering on the edge of the pram.
Is there no way to run the VA without it? There are other (IMHO far better) tracking clients out there.

Mr Disgruntled of Blackpool
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Post by DaveB »

Hello Mate :hello:

I feel your frustration. The 250ks/FL100 malarkey is pants in this country anyway.. especially for Concorde. It is though one of only a handful of 'rules' they impose and we are stuck with it as long as we stay with FSA.

DM, myself and Ben trialled our own version a few years ago (when FSA threatened to go payware) and without a shadow of doubt.. it was a lot more 'testing' for the pilot in every respect. TOW had to be correct as did takeoff speed.. landing weight.. landing speed. There were a number of other features that I can't remember now but it was taken to a state where it worked very well. I don't think any of our current pilots would mind not being a small cog in what has become quite a big outfit (we were once a very big cog in this same outfit) but it would need the software to be reinstated and brought up to date and.. importantly.. for DM to be able to run it live.. for him to have the TIME to run it live again as he wrote the program.

DaveB B)smk
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