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Chris Trott wrote:Sorry, missed this whole thing, but the requirement as it stands now for landing lights is -

OFF ABOVE 10,000 feet.

ON BELOW 1,000 feet.

Between 1,000 feet and 10,000 feet it's your descretion as to what state your landing lights are in, but above 10,000 or below 1000, the lights must be as described.
Thanks for that Chris. It's quite difficult trying to find all the info which appears to be buried in the forums, and as Konny has confirmed, there is no manual as yet. Perhaps you could cast your eyes over what I have already posted and see if I have made any other boobs.



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Now that makes sense LOL, waiting for the needle to reach 10,000ft to switch the lights off or on was a little distracting, in fact I tried it and was doing over 240kts on the decent as I was more interested in switching the lights on in time.

Chris Trott
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Well, AGA, I'd say that you're problem is poor descent planning than focusing on lights. If you do it right, you shouldn't have to worry about the plane while you work on the lights. :lol:
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