FlyNET/FSA induced failures - REPORT THEM HERE

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Re: FlyNET/FSA induced failures - REPORT THEM HERE

Post by TSR2 »

It may have been me Dave, although I'd have expected to loose more than one. I forgot to switch the PUD's from fast to slow when the OAT dropped below -6. A case of RTFM possibly. A strange one though, when flying on to Arlanda tonight, I lost the joystick. It was there in Windows and seemed to be working when you hit the "calibrate screen" however nothing would work in the sim, it didn't even see it as there *-) I thought the joystick may be on its way out, but I'm just not sure. There's a Saitek X52 Pro at Scan for a reasonable price, but its still over the ton, which before moving house is money I can ill afford, especially if I'm not sure if the problem is the Stick or FSX or Win 8 :S


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Re: FlyNET/FSA induced failures - REPORT THEM HERE

Post by DaveB »

OK mate :) When the joystick stopped.. did it not work in sim at all? I've had partial stick failures before.. normally, I've lost one control axis (left or right) but have got it back by pausing the sim.. disconnecting the stick then reconnecting it again.
FSA will only ever take one engine so if you lose more than one, you can pretty much guarantee it's NOT FSA induced :)
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