Client 'hangs'

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Client 'hangs'

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Hi Guys,

A few problems recently on FlyNET with the Client. The problems seem to be with pilots that have the 'tracker' switched on. The tracker is the part of the client that communicates between your PC and the FlyNET website and updates the status of your flight. Those pilots that have the Tracker turned on will show the different stages of flight on the small flight overlay in the signature pic. They will also show an 'amber' status button alongside the flight/aircraft which will show 'en-route' if the flight is underway. Those pilots that have the Tracker switched off will only ever show 'in hangar' status on their signature and similarly the aircraft/flight status button will always show red 'booked' until the flight is completed.

For those that wish, they may turn the tracker off. To do this, navigate to the flynet configuration settings which you will find in C:\WINDOWS open it with notepad, change setting "Tracker=1" to "Tracker=0" which will turn the function off. Alternatively you may continue flying with it turned on but please, if you encounter any problems, save your log file and send it to Konny in order that he may trouble-shoot .

For info the different stages of flight, as recorded by the client are as follows :

Boarding = (Activated by selecting 'Fly Booked Flight')
Taxi =(Activated when Plane passes 5 knots GS)
Takeoff = (signified by the beep, this is not a true state, when airborne,)
Climb (When you are airborne and climbing)
Cruise (Level Flight)
Descent (Self Explanatopry)
Landed (Activated on contact with the ground, 1 minute later, all the way until you apply the parking brake)

At the start of your flight you should hear two 'beeps'. First, when you pass 5kts groundspeed and the client registers that you have commenced your taxi, and second, when your wheels leave the ground on take-off. You can always check the client status by minimising flight sim to see what the client is 'telling' you or if you have the benefit of a second monitor, leave it open on there and check as often as you like.

If you do a 'staged' climb, the client will show you in the cruise at each level stage of the climb. A similar thing happens in descent. If you should have to exercise a missed approach for any reason then the client will register each change in altitude as a climb/descent and each bit of level flight as 'cruise'.


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