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greetings all

Posted: 27 Jun 2008, 19:40
Hi, i thourt i would say hi before tail flipping my self in to some bad weather.... :flying:

Anyway,been flying FSX deluxe for a few months now,and have around 200+hours real flight and assisted flight,however wanted to open up the doors for other aircraft and generally get involved with people who just want to chill out and also have some fun on-line flying around in formation ect.... :dunno:

OFFTOPIC : noticed a report and discussion about CS (captainsim) i my self have onely one system and have so fare not had any problems,but i think when it comes to the next i believe i will,however as i think i have both packs on my system i think downloading them onto a disc may be the way forward...(any suggestions or critic)

Anyway,i have my own team speak server,if its needed,and look forward to meeting you all in the virtual world of flight.

oh forgot,i am ex army,40 years old and married with one 15 (going on 25 year old girl) HELP