New rules for TR's

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New rules for TR's

Post by RAF_Quantum »

Hi Guys,

We've made a slight change to the requirements for new applicants to the VA regards starting and completing their first TR. We have also introduced a new rule regards requesting new TR's which requires that you have performed at least 10 revenue flights on each type to consolidate your training. Here is revised section 11 of the 'ABC guide' for your info :-
11. =================================================

Getting a Type Rating

You can only book flights for aircraft that you have a rating for. There are no tests to pass, we just ask
that you can fly the thing safely and competently. Don't ask for a Type Rating until you are happy
operating the type please. To get a rating on any type in the fleet, simply log on to FSAirlines and
send a message to John Payne (CEO) and Dave Booker (CEO)...

For your first Training Type Rating you are required to operate your first training flight
within one calender month of your application to the VA being accepted. Your training must be
completed within one calender month of your first training flight. For all TR's, after your training
flights on the type have been completed, you are required to perform a minimum of 10 revenue
flights on the type before you may apply for your next training TR.



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Re: New rules for TR's

Post by DaveB »

Works for me John ;)


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Re: New rules for TR's

Post by DanKH »

I do not foresee an application any time soon anyway ;-)

Why should we sign the application with "Joe" ...??? *-)
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Re: New rules for TR's

Post by Fodda »

It makes sense. I'm being quite lax in my flying again now. I love the 748, but the Catalina I have is getting a few hours in now. And I'm desperate to learn how to fly the 757 using the FMC properly. I've not managed to leave the stand yet in umpteen tries though. :(

I'll get round to another flight soon... Just don't expect me to be a star performer. ;)

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