New Recruits please post details here

New pilots report here for all info regarding recruitment and airline rules.

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New Recruits please post details here

Post by RAF_Quantum »

How to register at FSAirlines.

Go here :-

You will see the FSAirlines homepage and a button to register. Before you register take a look around particularly at the Database. Here you can look at lots of information. VA's are listed alphabetically. Click on the information button for 'Classic British Flight Services' and you will get an overview of the VA.

When you register you have to chose a country/airport where you want to start from. To help you decide, take a look at the fleet and where they are based and if there are currently aircraft available at that base. Aircraft bases can be found here :- Fleet Status

You will be using your real name to register at the site and you can use your 'normal' nickname as your user name for when you log-in to the site.

Once registered and you get a successful log-in, you can request to join the VA. Select 'Classic British Flight Services' and I will see your request as pilot 'real name' wants to join. Now, I don't know who you are from Adam, so please post below, along the lines that I have, with a bit of info about yourself. When I see a request to join the VA I will return here to see who you are. I won't accept the request until I see your details below.

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Please also see here.. which is an up to date, step by step walk through of the entire process ;)


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Post by RAF_Quantum »

Name : John Payne
Age : 50
Occupation : Oil Refining
Location : Laceby, NE Lincolnshire, UK
Hobbies : Anything to do with flying and cars, reading, home theatre

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Post by Quixoticish »

Name : Chris Halpin
Age : 23
Occupation : Student
Location : Dundee, NE Scotland, UK
Hobbies : Aviation, music, reading

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Post by LongHaul »

Name: Rich Payne
Occupation:Postgrad Student
Location:Lancaster, Lancashire, UK
Hobbies:Flight Simming, reading, playing guitar, listening to music


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Name: Sean McCowen
Age: 54
Occupation: British Army
Location: Wilton, Salisbury, Wilts
Hobbies: Flight Simming, Painting portraits, landscapes and aviation subjects in oils and water colours. Avidly interested in aircraft, classical music and cool jazz, play the flute and alto sax.

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david balmer

Post by david balmer »

Name: David Balmer
Age: 41
Occupation: Road Train Driver ( petrochemical )
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hobbies: Flight sim, Aircraft watching. reading about my homeland ( england ).

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Post by Charlie Bravo »

Name : Chris Barrett
Age : 25 (in 4 weeks)
Occupation : Airline Operations
Location : Luton, Bedfordshire, UK
Hobbies : Aviation, PC's, Pirate Radio :shock: , The Older Woman :wink:
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profile for va

Post by robbie »

name: Robbie .
occupation: Inspector
location: Montreal cyul.
pastimes: run a rescue for abused and old horses. flight sim,
sleeping when I get a spare hour!.
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Post by Jetset »

Name: Nathan Bialek
Age: 29
Occupation: Operations Agent
Location: Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Hobbies: Flight Sim, Food, Females

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Name : Joe Cusick
Age : 41
Occupation : Sofware Engineer
Location : Fremont, California, USA
Hobbies : Flight simming, Boating, Geocaching.
Joe Cusick,

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