Flying the FlyNET way

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Re: Flying the FlyNET way

Post by DaveB »

Hi Ant..

It seems very much that as you're a PUT.. you've not been hit for the penalty but you're not getting the flights attributed (that is, you're racking up your hours and miles and the flights you're doing are logged but your profile remains zero) :)

There are 2 ratings which can be effected by penalties.. your Flight Rating and your Rating (flights). Had you been a 'Full' pilot rather than a PUT, your Flight Rating after the first flight would have read 95% and your Rating would have shown .95 flights completed. If you continue as you are after the return flying 100%, your Flight Rating would eventually work it's way up to 100% from 95%. However, your Rating would always show the discrepancy.. that is, you'd be credited with 1.95 flights. It's an arse way of doing things and I stress, this is none of our doing but we're stuck with it.
The whole 'Pilot Under Training' thing where any errors don't effect the VA is still quite a new thing for us and it's something we'd been pushing for for some time. This said.. don't try and 'force' any errors as I can't guarantee what the outcome will be! :lol:

Anyway.. so far so good. Keep up the good work and in 4 more flights, you'll start earning money ;)


DaveB B)smk
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Re: Flying the FlyNET way

Post by Ant1981 »

Thanks Dave :thumbsup:
I like this flight simming, it's fun.....


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