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Re: DHC-6 Routes

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On the Loganair site, in the our history section:-

“The Twin Otter was introduced on services from Glasgow to Tiree, Barra and Campbeltown.” This was back in the 90’s and checked the Glasgow airport departures and it’s the same routes with the same equipment.


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Re: DHC-6 Routes

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I found a Brymon time table online from 1990 that has equipment listed for both the DHC-6 and DHC-7. The DHC-7 routes seam to be centered around Plymouth so it is the natural base, but the DHC-6 routes while connected to each other don't seam to have a natural center, but since Plymouth seams to be Brymon's base for the DHC-7's maybe it should also be the DHC-6 base in the area, we can always through in a few connectors to make the route structure a little more usable.

DHC-6 Destinations from Loganair (base Glasgow)

Barra, Campbeltown, Glasgow, Tiree

DHC-6 Destinations from Brymon 1990

Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter Gatwick, Isles of Scilly, Jersey, Plymouth

DHC-7 Destinations from Brymon 1990 (Base Plymouth)

Amsterdam, Cork, De Gaulle, Dublin, Exeter, Gatwick, Guernsey, Heathrow, Jersey, London City, Newquay, Plymouth
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Re: DHC-6 Routes

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I first flew on the Twin Otter on the scheduled route of Benbecula to Barra. I was the only passenger and the route was dropped the following year. I believe they went on to Stornoway from Benbecula a route that is now done by SAABs and ERJs.


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