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Argosy BEA Fleet Paints

Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 22:27
by DaveB
Hi Guy's,

I decided to take an Argosy out a few days ago and realised there is only one UK paint available.. G-ASXM which was Rick's original, so set about doing as many as I could to fill our registrations up. Unfortunately, the 5 I've done are the only ones you're likely to get as BEA operated 6 200srs which were sold off relatively quickly. The remainder of our fleet (9 further registrations) are all 100srs and although Garry has the majority of our registrations already painted on the 100srs model, Rick never finished/released the model (I don't have it and I think it's only Garry that does) so that's the reason we'll be getting no more paints.

As it stands, ASXL shouldn't be flying at the same time as ATTC as the latter was ordered to replace the former which was written off and APVH never went into operational service. There are another couple of anomalies but I won't bore you with them :lol:

This release covers the BEA 200 srs Argosy registrations and no other UK operator used these aircraft so no further repaint options. Registrations as follows..

The file download is 12mb and can be found HERE

I'm pretty certain no other repaints have been done for the Argosy so you should be able to just tag the cfg entries after your last aircraft, making sure that the numbers run consecutively (I've already numbered them but check anyway) ;-)

One day maybe, beer will return to a pound a pint and a 100srs Argosy will appear. Until that time.. this is your lot.

Tks to Rick for allowing me to use the master and to Garry for technical assistance/reference :thumbsup:


DaveB :tab:

Re: Argosy BEA Fleet Paints

Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 22:35
by Garry Russell
Cheers Dave :thumbsup:

I don't have a 100 model and I'm not sure it was done :think:

I did the 100 paints using the 200 model as a temp.

The 200 is complete at least thanks to your effort

I did release one 200 paint seperately.... SAFE AIR double check the config entres if anyone downloaded that one.


Re: Argosy BEA Fleet Paints

Posted: 13 Apr 2008, 00:37
by DaveB

Blimey.. yes. I didn't download that but now you've mentioned it, I remember you mentioning it :roll:

Sri for the extra renumbering work to those in possession of Garry's S A C paint ;-)

Lit Lamp sign.. watch this space.. perhaps ;-)


DaveB :tab:

Re: Argosy BEA Fleet Paints

Posted: 13 Apr 2008, 01:03
by Garry Russell
I doubt if many here downloaded it as it was very much an NZ thing.

For those not familiar SAFE leased an IPEC Argosy and it remained in IPEC livery with the SAFE tails and SAFE AIR CARGO titles.

When Air New Zealand owners of SAFE decided to close the airline the titles were ammended to SAFE AIR CANGO by disgruntled employees. :lol:

The easiest if it's there is just to move the first entry of the new config block to the end and renumber that one.


Re: Argosy BEA Fleet Paints

Posted: 13 Apr 2008, 11:06
Thanks very much for those Dave.
It'll be nice to be able to fly the correct reg when I next feel the need for some Argosy action.
Pretty soon I should think. :)


Re: Argosy BEA Fleet Paints

Posted: 13 Apr 2008, 21:34
by TSR2
Haven't flow the Argosy in a while, but have her up at the minute in her new paint... Great job Dave. Thanks very much! :thumbsup: