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FR Halton

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As I am only using P3Dv4 I bought the FR Halton as soon as it came out. Aas I had let my TR lapse I applied to reinstate them. I did the flight to Dusseldorf and back so I could spend longer trying it out.

First Impressions

Not a real pilot I cannot really comment on realism but I enjoyed flying it. It feels quite solid and stable, how near to the real aircraft that is I do not know.

Saying stable I must say it is if you keep above 120 knots and use power. The plane needs to build up speed to climb at a reasonable rate ie 500fpm. Approach and landing 120 knots plus. If you follow the manual it works out OK

Just a warning the speedometer is in mph so I tended to keep estimating the knots as roughly 20 to 30 above the indication on the dial.

Quite happy with my purchase and will be flying it more often


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