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Re: FSA Beta Client

Post by DaveB »

Hi Joe,

One thing in all that.. crash detection. We've always advised pilots to turn crash detection off in order to avoid hitting those unseen objects at a number of airports. Its been easier to say 'turn it off' than 'turn it off at airport XXX'.

Current active pilots feel free to chime in with your thoughts :cpu:
DaveB B)smk
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Re: FSA Beta Client

Post by Vc Ten »

I've not tried the beta client yet. Been too preoccupied with the sim bsod at regular intervals
Personally I like the extra penalties and think that the heavy landing is a good addition. Hell, its the only part of the flight where we really should get it right. If not maybe try train simulator. I can see where Andy is coming from but I think we are one of the least restrictive VA's out there. I had a few months flying online last year with Ivao, and trying to do it right, although satisfyingly realistic, was that intense I came off the sim with a headache every time :lol: Not the best thing to wind down after work.
Thanks to Joe for his efforts. I know we knock fsa when it goes wrong but not quick at praise when it works ok
How about a lost flight recovery on the client ?? It took me 3 attempts at returning from Dubrovnik. The last flight I was that relieved at reaching the channel I bottled out and dropped it into Gatwick rather than chance carrying on to Manchester
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Re: FSA Beta Client

Post by JoeFremont »

Thanks Dale!

Actually I have been thinking a project for the next round of updates that would include being able to place an aircraft back to where it was when the last flight ended or to put it back into flight if the last flight ended unexpectedly. I think all I could do is put you back at the same location, altitude and speed and the pilot would have to get all the engine, navigation and other settings back themselves, but it would be better than it is now. But that would be for 2.3, I need to finish 2.2 first.

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