LFSB Basle-Mulhouse

Specifically but not exclusively for VA pilots.. details of recommended addon scenery that cover VA destinations.

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LFSB Basle-Mulhouse

Post by MALTBY D »

This is rather nice. It's a modern version, not an old one though.
LFSB Basle-Mulhouse scenery by Jörg Unglaub. FS2004 Freeware.

I've no idea if it's widely available on the big FS sites, but I found it here while looking for charts (see 'Scenery AddOns' box)...
The charts are great too. It was real hard work flying the Comet in!

Also here...

I've not yet looked into any other airports that may be on offer from these sites.


Picture provided by Jörg Unglaub in the download file.

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Re: LFSB Basle-Mulhouse

Post by TSR2 »

Nice find DM. I'll at it to my list :)


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Re: LFSB Basle-Mulhouse

Post by DaveB »


Have you tried any other sceneries off that site? I downloaded Basle as soon as you'd posted but looked at the install routine and didn't fancy it going into the main 'Scenery' folder so left it for another day. That 'other' day was today (not taken me long has it) :lol: I put it into Addon Scenery and the other files where instructed and it's come out ok ;) A darned good bit of freeware with no FR hit :rock: It doesn't have the bells and whistles of some but it's more than adequate.
If the others you found are of the same quality, it'll be worth the download time ;)

DM, I think the only other airport there we fly to is Zurich which, coincidentally, I bought a version of the day before 8)

DaveB B)smk
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Re: LFSB Basle-Mulhouse (free FSX scenery)

Post by DavidK »

For anyone interested in free LFSB scenery for FSX, this is the scenery I found and installed before my first flight there. The author says it's a preview ("not finished and a long way to go") but I haven't looked for any updates as I've only visited LFSB once or twice since then. If memory serves, it seemed promising.

David K

PS Is the name "Basle" or "Basel" -- or either? I've seen both, e.g. "Basle" here, but more of "Basel" elsewhere. The scenery uses "Basel".

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