New Release: RAF Fairford 2009 for FSX

Specifically but not exclusively for VA pilots.. details of recommended addon scenery that cover VA destinations.

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New Release: RAF Fairford 2009 for FSX

Post by davem »

Maybe a bit of blowing ones own trumpet in 'recommended' scenery but unless there's a better part of the forum to put this in, here goes...

Available now on UKMIL in the downloads section and on Simviation, is the updated base scenery for RAF Fairford. It is aligned to Horizon's VFR scenery but also works fine with the default FSX scenery.

See the readme file for full details and if you come across anything I have not yet found in terms of errors, please let me know via PM or email.



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Re: New Release: RAF Fairford 2009 for FSX

Post by DaveB »

Hi Dave :hello:

No mate.. the 'Scenery' section is a bit of a double edged sword. We wanted somewhere for VA pilots to get their hands on 'required' scenery but to alienate everyone else would have meant another forum.. something we didn't want so this is cool, especially as it's freeware ;)

A footnote. I've just downloaded and installed it and it works okey doh with GenXv1 too mate. Very little frame hit (though no AI) and although I doubt I'll go there much, it's a definate keeper for my FSX install ;)


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