Purchased Aircraft but.............

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Nigel H-J
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Red Arrows
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Re: Purchased Aircraft but.............

Post by Nigel H-J »

Again, I have to thank each and every-one for your comments and helpful advice. I received an e-mail from Just Flight today informing me that although they do not normally give refunds as there is nothing to return they are, in this case, allowing me a refund and have cancelled my order.

Really very grateful to them!! :thumbsup:

All I have to do is now is wait for the the VC10 to come off the production line for X-Plane 11.

I used to be an optimist but with age I am now a grumpy old pessimist.
Vc Ten
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Re: Purchased Aircraft but.............

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Good result Nigel. A nice gesture from them :thumbsup:
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