Windows 7 failure

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Kevin Farnell
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Windows 7 failure

Post by Kevin Farnell » 15 Nov 2017, 02:35

I came to start my PC today only to find it stuck in a loop of starting Win 7 and crashing. At one point, It got as far as wanting my password. I managed to type in 3 letters before it crashed again.
I ran Microsofts 'Auto repair' function several time along with a check on the hardware - no luck.
It has been tempremental over the last couple of weeks, with me often having to re-start it several times and a couple of crashes and re-starts.
I'm now on an old Win XP machine. I took my hard drive out of my failed PC and 'piggy backed' it into the Win XP machine and over several hours, I've copied all of my documents etc over to an external drive.
It looks like there is nothing for it, but a fresh install of Win 7. I'm so dreading that. All the updates, software installation and passwords.

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Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain
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Re: Windows 7 failure

Post by Airspeed » 15 Nov 2017, 03:06

Hi Kevin,
IIRC, there's a bulk update available these days, so that you don't need to make 6743 separate updates. :cpu:
Good luck!
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