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PC fixed?

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As I mentioned in the 'Birthdays' thread, I've been having some problems with my PC.
It was constantly crashing or Windows failed to start. When it crashed, it would instantly try to re-start (which sometimes worked), or it would sit there with the motherboard and CPU light lit, but no power to tthe CPU fan.
With the side off, I nudged the 8 pin cable coming out of the PSU. The PC sprang into life and ran OK for a couple of days. It rhen crashed again with the same symptoms. This time, nudging the cable had no effect. This led me to suspect the PSU and bought a new one. It's been running stable for 10 days now, so I'm beginning to think I might have fixed it.
It's an old PC (an original Core i7 920, which I've overclocked from 2.67 to 3.8 GHz and it has only 6GB of RAM), but it runs P3D v3 quite well.
Another problem is that I had 2 monitors die in as many weeks (PC plugged into TV at the moment). The backlight has failed on my widescreen monitor, so I think there is little hope for that. My older 4:3 monitor is showing the same signs I had with it a few years back. The monitor wont start and the green 'on' light flashes. In the past I found a guide on the web that said it was a known problem with failed capacitors. I followed the guide and replaced the capacitors that had failed (domed lids) which worked, so I think there might be hope in resurrecting this one again.

Arrrgghhh computers 8)

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