Starting Msfs throws you to Windows Store

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Vc Ten
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Starting Msfs throws you to Windows Store

Post by Vc Ten »

Experienced this morning, what I think has been happening to one or 2 of our members.
Tried to start up Msfs by clicking on the desktop icon, and the windows store popped up instead. OK, 1 scrolled down to my owned products and clicked on launch from there. Still the same. Back to the store with Gaming Services "looking like" it needed downloading.
I checked that it was still present on my system (it was) and tried the option to repair/ reset Still no good
I then see that by the side of Gaming services in the store is an install button, which I decide to press................ Now it hangs on reaching about 80% downloaded 8)
By now i'm browsing the web and it seems to be affecting a lot of users, not just msfs. Everything from altering the registry to a full reinstall is being suggested as a fix.
The one that caught my eye was a reply by Microsoft to install a KB hotfix
Now my system was updated yesterday but I had not run the sim since. So first thoughts were to try a roll back. This lead to nothing as although I had an update yesterday the system though it was more than 10 days ago ??
According to the support page, just go to Settings, Updates, and there should be a box "Install optional updates." (No box) 8) But instead offered a further update to v21H1 Ok, in for a penny, its going to update to it anyway at some time, so update now
After the update to V21 H1, Msfs still won't launch and still going to the store. Also still can't download the Gaming services without an error coming up.
But now the optional update KB5004476 is showing in updates, so lets see what happens Download the update ( takes ages).
Try the sim now Still no good. Try to install Gaming services. Although took a time, it seemed to fully download.
Tried the sim icon again, Success!! Sim came up as if nothing was ever wrong
Sorry its a bit long winded but if it helps anyone....................
Link for the support page ... 3820f4e86b
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Re: Starting Msfs throws you to Windows Store

Post by TSR2 »

The store (and other components) rely on .net framework. This is usually updated in the monthly updates. You often find things don’t work if it’s pending an install. As much as it’s inconvenient, these updates patch security vulnerabilities that our Russian and Chinese based hackers / scammers / cyber terrorists like to exploit. As a rule of thumb, do your windows updates (all of them), and then go to the store and check for updates there too. There are often core updates to modules in the store that appear after a windows update.

It’s a constant game of cat an mouse, but it’s for the best.

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