HS.780 for FSX - P3D and the New Thing(?)

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Green Meat
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HS.780 for FSX - P3D and the New Thing(?)

Post by Green Meat »

Hullo, lads. Been a long time.
So, to the point. I see Mr. Piper is still active, as are you all, and the forum is letting me back in.
I did try to contact Mr. Piper directly, with negative results, so, I'll go this way.
I've been poking away at the 780 for a few years, which lead to knowing more than I ever wanted to know about MSFS tags and conditions and XML, and even lead to some half-assed modelling, and a lucrative sideline in doing stuff for (classified, heavily NDA'd "I'd have to kill you" ect, ect) 'other' customers
I finally went back at the Andover.
C'est Just! What a difference no-port-over makes.
I don't know if the images will work, but...


Now, the file has not been disseminated, and I just loaded it to my Drive. Here.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XLrK81 ... sp=sharing

There are no omissions or additions, it is exactly as Mr.Piper made it, except materials, animation tags and conditions are FSX native.
The gauges all function as before, everything seems to work.
I'd be tickled if you would accept her for your library, and if she could be sent along to simviation.
If not, and angry expressions of outrage echo across the pond, then delete post, put a price on my head ( you'll have to get in line for that!)
banish me to the antipodes, and I'll toss the lot in the chaffer.
I do hope that is not the case;' I'd like to see all of this stuff in regular use twenty years hence. (and it looks great on the big full-motion rig down at the shop)
It is up to you chaps, this is your baby.
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Re: HS.780 for FSX - P3D and the New Thing(?)

Post by Scorpius »

It works in P3DV5 but is aliased to the Viscount sounds.

Is there a reason that you did not include the sound files from the original?

Thank you for this, this is the first aircraft I ever worked on after training.

Rick Piper
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Re: HS.780 for FSX - P3D and the New Thing(?)

Post by Rick Piper »

my email address has been the same for 15 years and is in my profile.

not had any messages about 780.

sadly i can't try it as i only have MSFS installed now but thanks for posting it here.

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Re: HS.780 for FSX - P3D and the New Thing(?)

Post by Aharon »

So this is military version of HS748?? It is not passenger HS748?? Correct??

Wondering if there is any FSX version of passenger HS748 if you forgive me for saying stupid question


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