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Nigel H-J
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Re: Sad News

Post by Nigel H-J »

Every-time I come onto the forum it is through the Home Page and seeing the photograph of Dave with the half smile on his face I always wonder why life can be so cruel to rob him of many more years with his family and friends here at CBFS.

God bless you Dave and hope you are at peace! :((

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Cees Donker
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Re: Sad News

Post by Cees Donker »

It has been three years already! I still miss him. Starting the Sim always brings Dave to mind.


The Ministry
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Re: Sad News

Post by TSR2 »

Every time I log in I think of Dave, and then that in turn sparks memories of other exploits with Garry, Fraser, DG, DM and Rick. And then Ian of course too, but different memories there. Every time I fire up the sim I’ll fly something, or somewhere and it will trigger a memory. He was an exceptional human and we’re all very lucky to have had him in our lives. :cheers:

Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain
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Re: Sad News

Post by Tomliner »

Dave was a great loss without doubt, so knowledgeable and helpful but you are also right to mention all those great contributors Ben. .EricT
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Re: Sad News

Post by Airtrooper »

I miss him dreadfully :(

I think of him every time I'm here at CBFSim and indeed any time matters concerning nautical flight sim float to the surface :RN:

It was also an honour to be able to pay my final respects, along with others here. I wouldn't have had it any other way.



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Vintage Pair
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Re: Sad News

Post by tonymadge »

I miss the chats we had now and then on the phone re his work and FS etc, good bloke and liked by all that knew him.
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Re: Sad News

Post by FlyTexas »

The PM's that he used to send me were always so warm and friendly. Even though we'd never met in person it was like we knew each other all of our life. A great guy who I miss dearly. :(

Vintage Pair
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Re: Sad News

Post by jonesey2k »

That is sad news. RIP and my condolences for all those concerned. :(
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Brian Franklin
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Re: Sad News

Post by Brian Franklin »

Seems like only yesterday I heard the sad news that Dave had left us. I only met Dave a few times but what a lovely man. Such a warm and caring personality. I too think of him whenever I visit this site or when starting up the sim. The world is always an emptier place without people like Dave.

Merry Christmas mate

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