FS2004 and VFR Trees Help

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FS2004 and VFR Trees Help

Post by Jason32 »

Hi Guys,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me please (again).

I've re-installed FS2004 in Win 10. I want to add the old VFR trees I have saved from the times of websites like VFR Addons etc...

I have installed the Visual Flight (now Horizon?) VFR photo scenery (FS2004 version) which is included in the FSX Gen X DVDs, But the folders are completely different in how I remember to install the FS2004 VFR Trees.

Has anyone worked out which folders I need to install the various trees? if I add them to all folders then that would be very time consuming and take up a great unnecessary space.

Any ideas chaps?

Thanks again


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Re: FS2004 and VFR Trees Help

Post by Motormouse »

They're actually only a few kb each. agn text file, you need to add to the texture folder of the scenery area.


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