Faulty Memory

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Re: Faulty Memory

Post by JohnWillimas »

PeteP wrote:
11 May 2019, 17:10

I've always loved this shot of a T21 from 623 GS landing at Tangmere.


Pete: I think this is a great pic too. It reminded me of the sensation of stopping in mid air when you pulled those spoilers open with a "clunk" and also of the much sexier sound of the air brakes on single-seater sailplanes, as they came screeching over the boundary fence, trying to land as close to the launch point as they possibly could. Still trying to recreate that in FS-X!

Nigel H-J
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Re: Faulty Memory

Post by Nigel H-J »

Brings back memories of when I flew with the RAF East Midlands Gliding Club, not sure when but we got hold of a T21 from the ATC and quite honestly it flew like a brick, but the spoilers were very good though only flew it if all the other gliders were airborne.

Remember once our CFI at the time was flying the K6 and decided to do a beat up over the launch area which he had done many times before though on this occasion it did not go well for for him. Coming down to around six feet with plenty of speed he pulled up just after passing us and went into a wing-over to land. Just as he started this manoeuvre we noticed that the wings wobbled (very close to the stall and spin) Luckily he managed to complete it and landed but when he got out of the cockpit he was ashen faced and had given himself one hell of a fright.

I don't ever recall him doing that again.

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Re: Faulty Memory

Post by PeteP »

JohnWillimas wrote:
13 May 2019, 09:25
Still trying to recreate that in FS-X!
Good luck with that, John!

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