Simulating the Dams Raid.

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Simulating the Dams Raid.

Post by DogTailRed2 »


I have PrePar3D and VR (it really is an immersive game changer imho).
If I wanted to simulate the Dams raid could it be done with the available free or payware addons? (inspired by Hendon which I haven't tried yet)
I have UK scenery for the whole of the UK. What I would need would be;

WW2 Scampton
Scenery for Holland (for the areas flown over)
Scenery for Germany (ditto)
Scenery for the Mohne and Eder Dams
Any packages that simulate search lights or flak
Radio chatter
A package to record the event
Oh, not forgetting a Lancaster :-)

I'm, wondering if we can put together a definitive list of the best of the above ?

Ted `Gibson` Munns.

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Re: Simulating the Dams Raid.

Post by grumpyoldb »

Have you ever felt old? I mean really old?
I was connected to the release and presentation of this................ ... B00006AMAP

in 2002. The presentaion was at The Petwood Hotel at Woodhall Spa and BBMF Conningsby 17 years ago. :lol:

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Re: Simulating the Dams Raid.

Post by Swanoir »

Sorry for the late reply. Coincidentally, I've been exploring the ORBX Germany scenery and I was pleasantly surprised to find the Mohne Dam modelled. Having visited the actual dam twice I was quite impressed with the accuracy. Naturally, I made a few passes, skimming low over the lake and between the two towers in my Dove!

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