New computer!

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New computer!

Post by petermcleland »

The new Sim Trailer from MS looks the best flight sim I have ever seen! when I get the necessary required specs for a PC to run it well, I will get ChillBlsat to build me one. I am presuming that 64 bit will be the way to go but I’ll wait for the required specs to be published. I am looking forward to this as I am really missing my flight simming!

Nigel H-J
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Re: New computer!

Post by Nigel H-J »

Hello Peter and good to hear from you, gathered from your last post you were in the process of moving home so hope that went well for you.

I had a look at ChillBlast and they appear to be very good but instead went for Scan Computers who built me an i7-900K with 32 GB RAM and a Nvidia 2010 Graphic Card. Have a M.2 for my operating system, SSD for X plane 11 and a HDD for other games. The only problem I find is that I now get bottlenecking in X-Plane 11 :lol:

64 bit is the way to go, P3d, X-Plane 11 and other sims now all seem to be run on 64 bit apart from FSX!!

To run it will be off from one of the Microsoft Servers once you have created an account with them as it will be released on Windows using the Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass games are cross-platform compatible so can be used on both Windows and Xbox with a subscription to the service.

My guess is that if you have an i5 upwards then it should work OK, the more the merrier. I have to admit that the scenery really is really the cats' eyes and will certainly give P3d, X-Plane 11 a run for their money do require a stable connection, mine has the habit of losing connection when it rain!! :wall: So would hate to be mid-flight and then be disconnected!! :rant:

My plan at the moment is to stick with X Plane 11, even though I am very tempted, the monthly fee is $10 which works out to be around £7.96.

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