Starting again...

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Starting again...

Post by TSR2 »

Hi Chaps, hope you’re all keeping well.

Spurred on by the PR for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, I’ve gone and ordered a new PC.
I’m really in two minds whether to begin from scratch or start bringing across all the stuff from years ago. I’ve so many questions, I’m not sure where to start.
I’m going to go with the current version of P3D. I’ve got FSX steam edition if needs must.

I’ve had a quick look and lots of folk seem to have drifted to orbx. I never really liked it because I felt the photo scenery(which I still have) was a more realistic view of the UK from 20000ft. But has it moved on? Are folk still using the UK2000 airports etc?

Any opinions would be welcome.

Actually... is X-Plane any better?


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Re: Starting again...

Post by Filonian »

Hi Ben,

Nice to see you around again.

I have gone for P3d v4 and Orbx England, Scotland & Wales. Am happy with it, but of course one size doesn't fit all.

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Re: Starting again...

Post by blanston12 »

TSR2 wrote:
07 Aug 2019, 19:39
...Actually... is X-Plane any better?
IMHO I would say X-Plane is not better, but there are many on this site who have joined the X-Plane cult who will say differently, it has many good things about it but there are also many things it lacks, and usability is still a problem. And I do own it and keep trying to like it but I still keep coming back to P3D which is my go-to sim. But try them both, compared to what your spending on your new system they are not that much.

I am a happy ORBX user. I agree the photo scenery looks good at FL200 but down at 2000 feet it does not look that great without the buildings or autogen, so it depends on how you fly. When i'm above 20000 ft with real world weather turned on I rarely see the ground.

For ORBX in P3D, I would avoid true-earth right now, I don't think they have worked the bugs out yet.
Joe Cusick,

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Re: Starting again...

Post by DaveG »

Hi Ben, :hello: good to hear from you. Hope you and the girls are doing well.
Still using p3dv4.5 here. Like Joe, I do own xplane but just can't warm to it. There are some things it does better than p3d, the lighting, especially night lighting is way ahead but overall I prefer p3d.
As far as scenery goes, I'm using orbx True Earth GB South and good old VFR GenX for the rest of the country.
JustFlight do a new VFR photo scenery for the whole country, but from what I've seen of the demo area it looks awful! :lol:
Dave G.

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Re: Starting again...

Post by PaulC »

Hi Ben, glad to see you back.

I had the same thoughts as you and I've gone to X Plane 11. Following a bit of a trial I then removed both FSX and P3D. I've not regretted it once.

I'm my view X Plane is just so much better. The default scenery is good, runways aren't flat, aircraft fly more realistically and it doesn't take weeks of tweaking and re-writing configs to get adequate performance.

I've not gone of any ORBX products yet, nor am I sure I will. I used to have Global and the full UK but find X Plane OK as it is. I was never a fan of photo scenery as it never looked real to me.

I know everyone is different but I think X Plane is an outstanding, realistic simulator.


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Re: Starting again...

Post by Airspeed »

Hi Ben,
Really good to see you back.
No advice from me regarding which sim to use, sorry. :$

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Re: Starting again...

Post by GHD »

ORBX are in a world of their own. I will not have it anywhere near my computers. ... ed-me-out/


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Re: Starting again...

Post by Vc Ten »

Hi Ben :hello:
I daresay this thead will end up, my sims better than your sim. Hey ho :lol:
The lack of memory restriction with 64 bit means only 2 choices Like most here I've tried X plane but was one of those that didn't get on with it. Also having so much invested in FSX allowed me to still use much of it in P3d v4 Yes most scenery works, and aircraft with a little tweaking. One thing to consider if you fancy the latest offing from Microsoft, is that it's more than likely to be more compatible with P3d than X plane. Of course no one knows that yet, It may be totally incompatible with either. I've registered interest in their insider scheme. No guarantee of any beta testing but you never know
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Re: Starting again...

Post by FlyTexas »

Can't be of any help with your question, sorry. Just wanted to say hello to you Ben. :hello:


Nigel H-J
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Re: Starting again...

Post by Nigel H-J »

Hi Ben and good to hear from you and sincerely hope that all is well for you.
I’ve had a quick look and lots of folk seem to have drifted to orbx. I never really liked it because I felt the photo scenery(which I still have) was a more realistic view of the UK from 20000ft. But has it moved on? Are folk still using the UK2000 airports etc?

I have X-Plane 11 but will come to that later, when I first started with X-Plane I just had the default scenery and as I became more used to using it I then installed Ortho4XP which is a tool that converts google/bing imagery and puts it on your sim rather like the photo-scenery you used but I then added an overlay on top of Ortho which gave me all the buildings and trees. Both of these are free to use though now I use Orbx True Earth which runs extremely well on X-Plane.

At the end of the day Ben, it all comes down to your preferences of which scenery and simulation platform to go with. I would never play one sim up against the other as each simulator offers extra abilities than the other, for instance you can still fly FSX aircraft such as Ricks HS 748 and also the Trident etc whereas in X plane you cannot do this. In X-Plane you do get freebies to use in the sim that add more realism such as Head Shake and X-Camera which both give an impressive visual effect especially of take-off and landing as well as vibrations from prop driven a/c whilst on the ground.

The only advice I can actually give you is to go to YouTube and watch videos from other users flying on their sims be it X-Plane or P3d and also of the sceneries they use, which I did before taking the plunge though one factor you might like to explore is that X-Plane 11 have a demo version. I would say download it and try it out along with a number of good quality free-ware aircraft which are available along with other free-ware products I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately P3d do not have a demo version but believe that if a customer is not happy with the product during a certain period of time then they will refund your money.

Hope this is of some help Ben, I had a hard time deciding but after using X Plane now for over a year I am very happy with it but it is not every-ones' cup of tea!!

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