Gear not retracting

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Gear not retracting

Post by Phillip1964 »

Please help, having installed the hunter from the disc that came with PC Pilot magazine i am unable to retract gear or lower gear, or for that matter deploy flaps. Any idea what is doing this. Also is there an instruction manual, flight characteristics thingy anywhere?

Good looking aircraft though
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Post by TSR2 »

Hi Phillip, welcome aboard! :smile:

I don't know of any known problems with DG's hunter, but I would recommend downloading the up to date ones from the web, as I'm not sure what version is on this CD. Are you using FS2002 or 2004?

DG's site is at... and you can download the files from here.

Hope this helps, but if you could let us all know what the cause resolution was it might help someone else too. :wink:

All the best.

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Gear Not Retracting

Post by Tomliner »

Hi Phillip
I had this problem once but with the Vulcan.It happened because unusually I had not launched FS with the default aircraft.Once I did all was OK.ATB EricT
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