Usage of CBFS Model

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Re: Usage of CBFS Model

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Re: Usage of CBFS Model

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Nice one Rick! :)
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Re: Usage of CBFS Model

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Another example of the value and calibre of this site. :agree: EricT
ps Is calibre the right word? *-)
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Re: Usage of CBFS Model

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Hi guys,

Just going to add my question here to double-check, I know one of you already just got some permission:
I would love to be able to convert Rick's Jet Provost T.MK.5 into a flyable aircraft for MSFS2020. I am currently also looking at a really nice T6-Texan so I have some experience. Like I say, it would be great if I can just double-check with Rick and just let you know of my plans. Currently it is just a private project, but if I had permission to upload it (with full credit and not for profit, of course), that would be amazing!
(asking here because I know you are fairly active Rick and I don't seem to be able to PM you :) )

Thanks a lot

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Rick Piper
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Re: Usage of CBFS Model

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i really wouldn't bother as the JP T5 i made is 18 years old now and rubbish by todays standards.

feel free for your own use but its just too old to spend time updating as it would take more time than i have

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