T2 is still being slowly built for FSX/P3d1,2,3,4

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Vc Ten
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Re: T2 is still being slowly built for FSX/P3d1,2,3,4

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Hi Chris
Sure I can share the files. I could host myself or it would be good if they could be hosted on CBFS. Basically the files are as per Rickoo website It gives the option of downloading Fsx or p3d v4 versions.
After installing the p3d version The aircraft appears fine and most things work as they should, including the glitch from the original ported fsx version from 2007 where you need to go into the 2d panel to initialized electrics.
I pulled the upgraded panels and the gauge cab file from the CBFS current model and copied the 2A panel into the 2A model (not tried the 2B model yet). Again it works as per fsx no problems
I'm not sure where the 64 bit sound gauge is yet, but it works that's the main thing
Out of interest I've run Dave Maltby's Trident 2 and Comet 4c through MCx and am happy to share the results. They are not perfect but pretty good all the same, and work fine in P3d v4.4
I am waiting a reply from David If he is happy for them to be shared
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Re: T2 is still being slowly built for FSX/P3d1,2,3,4

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excellent new Rick. This will be a superb addition. I have created one myself which is on beta release, with no VC. That is some months away

David Love-Brice
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Re: T2 is still being slowly built for FSX/P3d1,2,3,4

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Hope everyone's having a great Easter weekend. I wanted to reach out to Rick about his T.2 for a while now but can't seem to find a good point of contact. Does anyone have a way to getting my details over to Rick for a chat please?
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