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Re: Flying for Real..

Post by adysmith »

Russell's dad was Keith Whyham, ANT at Blackpool
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Re: Flying for Real..

Post by cstorey »

Ah, Russell is Chris's nephew then . Another connection I had was that Jane ( sadly later lost at sea in an Aztec that lost its baggage door over the North Sea ) checked me out on ANT's Chipmunk G-ATOO. All too many years ago - 1974

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Re: Flying for Real..

Post by PaulC »

Hello Chaps,

Well after many years messing about with bits here and there, I've taken the plunge and embarked on a PPL.

I must have 'wasted' thousands sharing the cost of aircraft with my pilot mates (mainly because I can navigate and they hate it!) rather than committing myself to learning.
I solo'd years ago on motorgliders and have decided that now's the time to go for it proplerly.

I'll keep you updated on progress,

Best wishes,


The Gurus
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Re: Flying for Real..

Post by DaveG »

Well done for taking the plunge Paul.
Good luck! :cheers:
Dave G.

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Re: Flying for Real..

Post by Airspeed »

Good on you, Paul! :welldone:

Nigel H-J
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Re: Flying for Real..

Post by Nigel H-J »

Brilliant news Paul, it is my biggest regret not having done that years ago but now having disability and heart problems as well as being retired, it would be too costly for me.

During the seventies if you gained a Silver 'C' in gliding that would bring down the hours of flying training before taking the examinations for PPL I don't know whether this still exists or not but would have thought that with your motor gliders licence it should not be too long for you to go solo.

Wish you all the very best and do try at some point to video a flight. :thumbsup:

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Re: Flying for Real..

Post by JohnD »

Well done Paul. Just wish I was able to do it years ago. Enjoy the adventure. :thumbsup:

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Paul K
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Re: Flying for Real..

Post by Paul K »

Good luck Paul. Keep us abreast of your progress.
Pip Pip ! :)

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Re: Flying for Real..

Post by blanston12 »

Good luck Paul.

I have always resisted getting a pilot's license because 1) It's very expensive, and 2) I am too much of a klutz and would probably fly into a hill. From time to time I wonder if I made the right decision, so good for you for going for it.

Happy Flying.
Joe Cusick,

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Re: Flying for Real..

Post by Elvis Presley »

Good for you. I wish I had taken lessons when I was at EGHI as a nipper, ten thousand years ago. The flying school there gave a big discount to anyone working in the tower to learn. Mind you, I was on only £14 a week (yep, you read that right) so they would have had to have practically given them away free lol.
I still would, but involves winning the lottery first ;)

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